Woods eyes Masters

Tiger Woods, former World No. 1, is confident that his game is coming together just in time for next month’s The Masters.

Woods had been out of the tournament for a long period due to an injury and a marriage breakdown which are among the reasons why he has not won a major tournament since 2008.

The 14-time major winner however started working with coach Sean Foley since August last year. He has confirmed that he may be starting to reap the rewards of hard work as he has noticed changes in his swing.

Asked if everything was coming together in time for him to be a threat in Augusta. Woods said: “Absolutely. The key is to peak four times a year and that has always been the goal.

“When I was in junior golf it was about peaking for the Junior World Championships and then eventually became the US Champ.

“When I was in Amateur golf it was the U.S. Amateurs and when I turned Pro it was the four events a year.

“It is nice to win other tournaments. But winning one of the four or all four, that is what you are remembered for.”

Woods, who said he does not know if he will be able to once again dominate the sport, is still short of four major wins to match the record of Jack Nicklaus who has achieved 18 major wins.

“It is not about dominating the game,” Woods added. “I am looking to win golf tournaments. It is about being able to progress the whole time. If I am able to do that then I am going to win my share of tournaments. I have been on these little runs before and hopefully I can get on another one with Sean.”

Woods said he is thankful to his fans for sticking by him during the difficult times of his life.

He added: “I am so much more grateful for my fans and I am trying to show more appreciation.”