Win or lose, US Ryder Cup stars could be paying to take part

Ryder Cup displayed at the 2008 PGA Show

Playing in the Ryder Cup is something that golfers in Europe and the USA dream of doing, so much so that some individuals will choose to fly great distances in short amounts of time just to boost any slim chance they may have of qualifying for their respective nation’s team.

However, whilst the prestige stakes are clearly enormous, the financial rewards are almost zero, with those who bet on ryder cup 2010 issues noting that players will not receive a bean for taking part in the competition. That said, the opportunity to take part in the event is normally enough for a golfer to ensure they do all they can to make the team, with participants often able to boost their individual reputations and make themselves more marketable for potential advertisers.

This year, though, will see the players take part in an event in Wales, at Celtic Manor, during a time in which the UK government seems desperate to find any way or means to ensure that it is able to capitalise upon the opportunity to tax Team USA players who are making what may be their only appearance on UK soil during the current tax year.

This opportunity for the government has arisen due to the fact that players will be able to wear trainers that are part of their merchandising agreements with companies such as Nike, despite the fact that the rest of their kit will be part of the officially supplied Ryder Cup uniform. With players such as Tiger Woods receiving $80 million deals, they may now have to hand over a share that equates to around £10 million to HMRC.

With this money-grabbing attitude likely to leave a sour taste in US players’ mouths, it could well hinder the chances in the future of those placing regular Ryder Cup bets who want the chance to see the most famous players in the world take part in such a high-profile competition in the UK.