Why Choose Custom Golf Clubs ?

Why Choose Custom Golf Clubs ?

That’s one of the most common questions I get asked by customers.

Up until a few years ago buying a set of clubs from your local megastore consisted of walking in and finding a set you liked the look of. Maybe then taking a few practice swings to get the feel of them and then trying to crunch the best price you could to buy them. The next chance you got you were out for a round of golf with the new “weapons” hoping to shoot low. Well….Didn’t happen did it? After a round of shanking, topping, thinning and generally playing army golf you started to regret even buying the new clubs let alone the hundreds of bucks you had seemingly just wasted.




If the above story happened to you, take heart, you are not alone. Many moons ago this happened to me as well and as I walked off the 18th swearing and generally pissed off at the world the old club pro happened along and said “How did you go young fella”? I proceeded to relay my sad tale to him and he just listened and smiled. After I finished he said “I can fix that”. He took me to the pro shop then out into the storeroom and said to me “Ok stand in front of that chart while I measure you”. Measure me … I thought what’s he on about and then I turned and noticed the chart. He said “Son, when you buy clubs these days they are men’s standard length which means they are perfect for everyone that’s 5’8″ tall”.

I said “Well I’m 6’0″ is that a problem”? He replied “Sure is”. Anyway to cut a long story short he explained why people needed different shaft lengths, different shaft compositions and different grips. I was enthralled this old bloke was like Merlin to me. He saw someone who was genuinely interested and he allowed me to assist him in lengthening the clubs and re gripping them. I loved every second of it and I think he picked up on it so he invited me back to watch him the next week build a set for a comp player and it was the best thing since bread to me I just wanted to absorb every pearl of wisdom he cast upon me so much so that every weekend for the next 10 years I spent with him building clubs and learning anything he wanted to show me. Sadly he passed away and working there without him felt really empty so I moved onto other things. I still think of him when I’m making a new set.



I had a young bloke at my local course ask me to check his clubs after he found out I built clubs, he said they were very erratic and he couldn’t figure out why. He had bought them a month ago at a very well known megastore and had cost him a small fortune.

The obvious thing struck me right away but I was curious and had not seen this new version of a well known club in the flesh so I delved deeper.

First thing 7 of his 9 irons shafts had NOT been spine aligned.

His shafts were all stiff flex but he was a slow rhythmic swinger under 80mph. Think of Ernie Els swing or Steve Elkington’s swing. Got him to do a few swings which he verified as being close to normal for him and I thought he was 80 or 82mph. The club pro had a speed tester which showed him at 77mph average over 10 swings. To give you an idea Tiger Woods clubs are stiff flex comps his swing speed is more than 100mph. When we refer to swing speed we mean club head speed measured at the club face and the end of the swing arc (pendulum).

Also he was around six foot playing with men’s standard clubs (the obvious thing I alluded to earlier).



After consultation with him he wanted to change to graphite shafts which for his speed suited a lot better and in a Reg flex not stiff. General rule of thumb here with graphite is if your speed is below 90-95mph graphite is fine but above that s/steel should be used.

So I spine aligned ALL the new shafts lengthened, assembled and gripped them and he was a happy camper. Ran into him a few weeks later and he was over the moon with difference in his game.




Most of the big golf megastores these days do more of a club fit than they ever used to however you don’t know the qualifications of the salesman to recommend anything to you and you don’t always get the best club for you because maybe the sales guys are getting a backhander to sell more of one particular club than the other. Also a lot of the mass produced clubs these days are not bendable. You sometimes need that extra one or two degrees bend to satisfy a customer requirement. Custom clubs are usually made from 431 s/steel and are bendable.

A set of custom clubs is not more expensive than store bought clubs. With store bought clubs you don’t get a shaft choice (i.e.) what type of kick a shaft has to enable the ball to get in the air faster and earlier and land softer and give you more distance value per shot. With store bought you have to take what THE STANDARD is not what you want or need.



Wes Davis is an Australian based club maker who specializes in high quality irons and Hybrids.



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