What’s in Common between Golf and Poker?

Professional poker requires that players spend hours and some even days at a time at the poker table.  It is not uncommon for players to spend as much at 14 hours a day at the tables.  With so much time spent playing cards, at some point those players have to unwind and get away from the tables.  One activity that pro players have flocked to in recent years is golf.

Believe it or not, but Doyle Brunson was actually an avid golfer for many years.  Just as recently as a year or so ago, Texas Dolly was on the course with other pros and friends and reportedly still has the skills to hustle men half his age on the golf course.  Granted, he can’t drive like Tiger Woods but he is reported to have a top notch putting game that has allowed him to take money from even pro golfers in the past.

Daniel Negreanu is probably the most well known poker player that loves to golf.  Daniel has spoken on many occasions on his love of the game and even had a prop bet last year that required him cut his score from 100 to under 80 in just a month.  It took him until the last day, but Negreanu was able to break 80 and win the bet.

Eleven-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth is another players that is a regular golfer.  Of course, he isn’t quite as skilled as some of his fellow pros like Negreanu or Brunson and as such is a welcome golfing partner for some high stakes golf action.  Granted, Hellmuth will earn most of that money back at the poker tables and will give quite an entertaining performance while on the golf course.

Chances are that you will never see a pro poker player on the PGA tour outside of a celebrity event.  However, many pros including the ones mentioned earlier love to play the game and find it a great escape from hustle and bustle of casinos.