Watch 2010 US Open Golf Championship Online

Watch 2010 US Open Golf Championship Online

Can you find a manner in which to watch the US Open at Pebble Beach online? If there happens to be, where do I go online? I have noticed a ton of PGA Tour supporters looking for an answer to this on forums, blogs, and social sites on the Internet. I wondered how to watch live PGA Tour golf tournaments on my laptop myself for multiple months, until I came across a way to accomplish this. So, if you are searching for a way to catch this year’s PGA Tour U.S. Open live over the Internet, then you will need to follow these instructions.

Let me first warn you of many possible harmful online sites out there. From what I have learned, not every website owner is looking out for your best interest as an Internet viewer. Trust me on this one, as I had to learn the hard way. I was looking for a way to watch another PGA Tour tournament, and I ended up with adware, spyware, malware, and some sort of virus, as well. All of this came from visiting damaging websites. Bottomline, take care.

The good news is that, I stumbled upon a program, called Satellite Direct, that I downloaded from the Internet that linked me to well over 3000 online channels. And, let me tell you, the assortment of sports channels that I have admittance too is absolutely remarkable. So, I had no trouble pulling up some live golf action. Essentially, the program goes out and finds the event that you are looking for and shows you where it is being shown by webcast. So, it gets rid of a lot of searching on your part.

Here are the requirements to watch the US Open online.

1. a computer. PC or Mac, either one works
2. DSL or cable internet
3. Download Satellite Direct

That’s about it.

There is one issue that people may not like about using Satellite Direct. It costs a one-time investment of .95. But, if you decide that it is not for, then you can get a refund up to 60 days, no questions asked.

I look at it this way. It provides a lot more value than my cable TV subscription, which costs me over every single month.

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