Times Private Treaties Invests In Nimbus And Neo Sports

Times Private Treaties Invests In Nimbus And Neo Sports

Capping a series of high profile investment deals over the past three months, Times Private Treaties has forged a partnership with Nimbus Communications and through it Nimbus and its associate company, NEO Sports Broadcast. NEO Sports Broadcast owns and operates NEO Cricket, the country’s foremost sports channel and NEO Sports, the premium all sports channel. Nimbus delivers sports, film and general entertainment content to television, film, online and emerging mobile platforms globally. Nimbus’ associate company, Neo Sports owns and operates two sports pay channels: Neo Sports and Neo Cricket. The deal follows the footsteps of earlier investment in Percept Pictures.

Nimbus and Neo Sports will leverage various media vehicles across the Times Group to advertise its sports and broadcasting businesses. Nimbus, which recently announced a multi-event deal with Asian Tour Golf and Neo Cricket, India’s top sports channel, plans to utilise the Times Group’s various media vehicles to advertise and market these events. The Times Group’s media vehicles, catering to premium Indian audiences, also offer a platform for events like the US PGA Tour Golf, Bundesliga and Serie A football which are broadcast by Neo Sports.

In an official communiqué, Dr Akash Khurana, Vice-Chairman, Nimbus, says, “The alliance with Times Private Treaties provides a unique opportunity for drawing on strengths and synergies between the two organizations.”

Nimbus is looking forward to promoting its properties, such as Asian Tour Golf and other events, including US PGA Tour Golf, Serie A football broadcast by Neo Sports using various Times Group media vehicles.

Calling the deal a unique investment in media sector, Ravi Dhariwal, Chief Executive Officer, Times Group, points out, “We can contribute strongly to Nimbus’ and Neo Sports’ growth through our leadership position and our strong reach across media platforms in multiple markets. Their leadership position in sports rights, production and sports broadcasting is well known and we hope to enhance the momentum of their growth story.”