Tiger Woods to Get on U.S. Presidents Cup Squad if He Wants It

Tiger Woods showed quite a mediocre performance at Firestone, shooting an even-par 70. However, it looks like Woods is still going to get a spot on the U.S. Presidents Cup squad if he wants it.

U.S. Presidents Cup team captain Fred Couples said that if Woods felt that he was healthy enough to take part in the tournament, he would be given a spot on the squad. And seeing that Woods confirmed that he would play in the Australian Open that is held a week before week the Presidents Cup, Tiger probably feels up to it.

Tiger was hoping to play his way onto the team so that Fred Couples does not give him preferential treatment over players that have qualified for the tournament but he is a long way from that yet.

The top 10 golfers in the Presidents Cup standings get a berth to the tournament, but Woods is far from the top 10. Golfers are given points based on prize money earned. Woods might even not be eligible for Barclays playoff events that begin this week.

U.S team captain Fred Couples and International squad leader Greg Norman will select team members after the Tour Championship. We will see whether Tiger Woods makes the Presidents Cup team or not in late November.