Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Review

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 Review

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 is the latest offering from EA, which has been consistently delivering the goods when it comes to sports gaming franchises.

This series has paved the way for golf gaming standards. As an improvement from previous games, developers took the time out to make significant changes in terms of gameplay and spice up the golfing experience for old and new players alike.

In this improvement efforts, developers of Tiger Woods 09 considered two factors. For one, this game will hopefully take you a step closer to what real life golf is all about. Certain aspects and features of a real golf game are extracted then integrated to the game in the form of new attributes and features.

To those of you who do not possess hardcore golfing skills but are willing to learn more about the sport, Tiger Woods 2009 offers a venue to explore and enjoy the sport at the same time. Hence, this game is not just isolated to the skilled and pro golf gamers but is also suitable for all skill levels.

To give players more control over their performance on the game, some improvements were done on certain features like the dynamic attribute system, rewind and club-tuning feature. Tiger Woods 2009 emphasizes how the level of attributes are reflected into actual game performance. To put things into perspective, there are different aspects of your skill that are focused on in this game which includes power, accuracy, short game, and putting. Having concrete data to base your performance on, you can now assess which ones you need to adjust on if you want to improve your game.

There is also a new coach feature that is available in Tiger Woods 09 so you can get valuable feedback and gauge your skills. If Haney have managed to make a golfing champ out of Tiger Woods, then he might be the person to turn to for better golfing skills.

Improving on the previous game’s online feature, it is now possible to have up to 4 players take on a golfing game simultaneously. And for more choices, 5 additional courses will be available to play on thus expanding your golfing experience.

If you want a more dynamic game, then the improved features on this game will certainly provide the much needed boost. But unlike popular misconception, this golf game will offer lots of ways to gather your friends together and enjoy virtual golfing.

With Tiger Woods 09, its developers have certainly transported the excitement of an outdoor golf game straight into your living room set. Aside from that, this experience will be shared by loyal gamers to the series and those who will try their club-swinging skills for the first time.

Let’s face it though, all you really want to know is whether this game is so much better than last years version, that its worth buying ?

Find out in our huge review of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 which you can read by following the links below.

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