Tiger Woods Loses Major Endorsement Deal

The relationship of Swiss watch manufacturer TAG-Heuer who had an endorsement contract with former world No.1 golfer Tiger Woods came to its end.

It is an alarming signal for Tiger Woods as he is constantly getting dropped by his sponsors, with Tag-Heuer joining the list of AT&T, Gatorade and Accenture. It is clear where they are coming from – Tiger’s public infidelity with multiple women, constant injuries and questionable performance as a pro is hardly an attractive and customer-winning combination.

However, the company displayed a loyalty to Tiger and did not end its relationship with Tiger right after the cheating scandal. The manufacturer just did not renew the contract when it expired in July 2011.

Tiger Woods landed a deal with TAG-Heuer in 2002, but the company did not use Tiger’s name and image for advertising purposes after the 2009 sex scandal. So it is only natural that the Swiss watch manufacturer decided to drop Tiger Woods when the contract expired. What is even more alarming for Tiger is that TAG-is part of global luxury brand conglomerate LVMH that owns Moet, Hennessy and Louis Vuitton which shows that Tiger is not so popular on the global market as he used to be.

In the meantime, Tiger’s misfortune continues. After a few good putts in the opening round of the PGA Championship, he shot a 7- over par 77, his worst personal record in an opening round of a major.