Tiger Woods’ Long Road to Recovery

Tiger Woods’ Long Road to Recovery

Tiger Woods’ long road to recovery

It may certainly feel a long time ago that Tiger Woods last participated in a major championship; in fact the major winning golfer last lifted a golf club at a major tournament in June this year. After winning the US Open this year, Tiger decided to have surgery on his knee for a fourth time, with the prospect of not playing until next year (2009).

Woods originally tore his left knee ligament at last year’s Open Championship whilst going for a run – a decision that forced the pro to rest for 10 weeks at the end of last year’s season.

This year saw the return of Woods at the Masters in April, unfortunately the decision to play cost him a further two months off the course whilst undergoing keyhole surgery – a procedure renowned for its fast recovery times. The next opportunity to play came at the US Open.

Unfortunately, the road to recovery for Tiger has been slow – which has cost the pro in terms of his physical fitness. Tiger has been unable to maintain his muscle weight through rigorous training in the gym, only now has Woods managed to start using an exercise bike to rebuild his strength. The pro is also following a strict diet of raw and organic foods to provide rich nutrients to his body, with a goal to fastening his road to recovery.

In true sporting fashion, Tiger congratulated Padraig Harrington on his recent US PGA and Open Championship victories. The frustration to not compete and defend his two-time string of wins at the PGA must have been immeasurable.

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