Tiger Woods in Theatres

Tiger Woods in Theatres

The story of Tiger woods, in its deep side, resembles to the life-time experience of boxing fighter Mike Tyson who experience the peak of fame, being rich and the glory of being the world’s strongest man, not to mention earning the nickname of the most feared boxer on the planet.

From the other side, Tiger Woods is also suffering from the decline that Tyson had once endured from after a series of rape accusations, ears biting and off the boxing ring fights! For Woods, the fight was a duel with his Swedish wife, who discovered a long list of infidelity affairs conducted by Woods.

The bad times started during Tiger Woods knee surgery, when the golf news started tackling the best golf player in the world with critics about the bad golf scores and golf results due to NOT-Winning a major golf tournament throughout the 1st half of PGA Tour 2009. Nevertheless, an alcohol – driving accident, with his Cadillac Escalade, sparked the sports news and golf rumors that amassed Woods with a large criticism campaign which led him to take a time-out from professional golf courses and golf clubs.

The richest sports athlete in the world was earlier dumped by his marketing affiliates (Gatorade, Tag Heuer, Gillette and Nike). How Will Tiger Woods Survive? Read it on

Consequent to the abandon of Nike golf equipment and Tag Heuer, Gatorade and other major American firms are studying the possibility of dumping marketing campaigns using Tiger Woods for his image got deteriorated lately due to infidel marital affairs, alcohol consumption and drunk driving… the whole world is aware of Woods mistakes but things are slightly being under-covered for the purpose of protecting Tiger Woods from any legal accusations that might lead to further more issues.

Sports magazines (Sports Illustrated – ESPN magazine – Sawfer.com…) reported some speculations and golf rumors that included the possibility of a divorce.

Will Tiger Woods become Single? good News for the ladies!



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