Tiger Woods in expectation of a miracle

The former “No.1” golfer is still hoping for a victory and doesn’t give up on his best game in the near future. And though Tiger Woods admits his new swing still needs a good work on it, he is optimistic about his future tournaments.

The golfer arrived for a visit to South Korea on Thursday to give a course for junior golfers at Chuncheon east of Seoul. He has stated in an interview that his game started improving after his last season’s temporary break.

The once world’s best golfer has since won a game in April and is currently ranked number 5 golf club.

According to Mr. Woods, his return was a long process but he feels things are getting back to normal again,; he’s been able to concentrate on his short games again, playing the way he did before and “chip and putt” like he always did in his glorious past.

The golfer has hired a new coach, Sean Foley with whom he is working on a new major swing change. He doesn’t think this fact has contributed to the absence of victories he was facing last year. Instead, Tiger Woods considers he works hard to get better, and makes all possible to improve his game and get back to the times he was No.1 in the golf world instead of his current position.

In a conversation with young Korean golfers, the golfer revealed he didn’t think these were his peak years, instead he recollected his difficult childhood when he had speech problems and had to work very hard to improve his voice skills. The topic was raised to show the significance of hard work and persistence to become real professionals in their field.

As Woods said, he wouldn’t be sitting in front of them if he didn’t work hard in his childhood to improve his speech; same referred to golf training.