Tiger Woods Golf Swing – Simple Exercise Tiger Woods Practise

Tiger Woods Golf Swing – Simple Exercise Tiger Woods Practise

Every golfer wants to emulate Tiger Woods golf swing and it is possible with the right information. One way that Tiger Woods golf swing gives him power and length off the tee and in the fairway with his irons, is that he uses a full back swing that maximizes golf swing power. By working on some of the Tiger Woods golf swing concepts, you may quickly shave strokes off your game and get an overall more efficient golf swing.

First, you need to work on your flexibility. Here is a simple exercise that Tiger Woods and other golf professionals use to get a more flexible back swing:

1. Extend your left arm straight out to the right, if you are a left-handed golfer, or extend out your left arm if you are a right handed player

2. Place the hand you have just extended on top of a golf club that is sitting perpendicular to the ground. Join your other hand on top of the club also.

3. Bend your upper body down, which will put pressure on the club. You should feel a stretch in your shoulder.

4. Stay in this position for about ten to fifteen seconds.

5. Repeat the steps with the opposite side for a follow-through stretch.

Make sure you do this simple exercise right before you tee off or start your round of golf. You can also do it right before any shot to get more distance and power.

Here are some more great concepts that Tiger Woods golf swing executes:

You need to fully rotate your hips during your golf swing. In your final position after your follow-through, you will want your hips pointing directly out towards the direction you want the golf ball to fly. Tiger Woods golf swing has a strong center of gravity. Never sway back and forth during your golf swing and keep your legs steady. Also, keep your body directly over the ball.

Do not try to gain more speed by moving your arms, shoulders, or wrists. Your body should work in coordination. Your golf swing speed is only increased by quickly turning your torso, or middle of the body.

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