Tiger Woods Falls Out of Top 20

Tiger Woods has fallen out of the top 20 for the first time in 14 years. And, back 14 years ago, Woods was climbing to the top, not dropping from a good spot in the top 20.

Considering that the former No. 1 golfer has not won an event in years, his downfall does not seem out of place. But for a golfer who has been at the top for ages, it is still a shocker to see the top 20 without Tiger Woods in it.

This list is made taking in account the achievements of the last two years. Woods had a good performance in summer 2009, but the World Golf Rankings will soon stop taking into consideration those tournaments. And with Woods not looking likely to play in 2011, his downfall should become only worse.

A couple of years ago, nobody would have imagined that Tiger would be having such problems at this age. For a dozen of years, Tiger dominated the golf course and it seemed that it was impossible to tee Woods off, with him being so calm and confident.

However, Woods has lost his calm. Tiger fired his caddie and friend of thirteen years, Steve Williams, which shows that he is blaming Steve for his rough luck and shifts his own responsibility onto the caddie.

Perhaps, Woods will win other major tournaments, but he will hardly be at the top again, with a group of young talented golfers taking over his place.