Tiger Woods Ends 12 Year Relationship with His Caddie

A year after the notorious sex scandal that rocked Tiger Woods’ life and cost him four major endorsement deals and his wife, Tiger Woods was often asked about his long-time caddie, Steve Williams. The ex-world’s No. 1 golfer always answered that Williams was a great caddie and friend.

Apparently, things were not as peachy as they seemed, because Woods fired Williams two weeks ago. He put an end to one of the most fruitful partnerships in the golf history at Aronimink Golf Club. Both of them did not reveal the news until Wednesday when Woods made a statement on his site about the dismissal of his caddie.

Sometime later, Williams made an announcement on his website as well, saying that it was a shock. Judging by his statement, Williams was really hurt by this decision and felt like it was a stab in the back to be fired after helping Tiger during a difficult time in his life, accompanied by injuries and a media scandal. Along with the statement, Woods’ caddie also changed the main photo on his site picturing him carrying the bag of Australian golfer Adam Scott with whom he has been working lately.

Woods and Williams began their partnership at the 1999 Bay Hill Invitational and claimed victory in the first major golf tournament that very summer. Overall, they won 72 tournaments and 13 majors. Moreover, the two became friends over that time. Both were invited to each other’s weddings and got engaged at the same time. However, the infidelity scandal changed something in their relationship, especially considering that Williams’ wife and Woods’ ex-wife were good friends. Williams did not hear anything from Woods in months, and started caddying for Aussie Scott from time to time, with Woods’ permission. Nothing lasts forever, as they say.

It remains unknown who will replace Williams.