Tiger Woods: Comic Book Hero

Tiger Woods is the latest in the string of celebrities who got a comic book about their lives published. Pop star Lady Gaga, ex-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Michelle Obama and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg were given this honor a little earlier.

Publishing house Bluewater Productions announced that it will launch a comic book issue about the former No. 1 golfer, “Fame: Tiger Woods”, online as well as in comic book stores and book shops. The publisher is expanding its line of comic books about celebrities and the first athlete chosen was Tiger Woods.

The comic book issue including 32 pages that was illustrated by artist Marcelo Salaza and written by children’s books author C.W. Cooke deals with how fame is created and how people change because of it and respond to it.

According to the publisher’s opinion, Tiger Woods is still the most widely known golf player of all time. His life still interests many people though he has had a lot of trouble lately.

Tiger Woods’ last proper season was in 2009 when he took part in 18 golf tournaments. He has had a tough time lately, with persisting injuries and marriage troubles being brought out to the public eye. A while ago, when everybody thought that he might actually come back, he started to sit out many golf events including majors that he would never miss before.

The ex- world No. 1 has recently dropped to No. 17, his lowest position ever during his golf career.