Tiger Woods and Wife Expecting Second Child

Tiger Woods and Wife Expecting Second Child

Usually, all of the attention paid by the media when a birth announcement is made is given to teen celebrities and people like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. While plenty of professional athletes and their wives have children each year, not all of them really make the news; simply put, that’s not the case for golfer Tiger Woods.

Within the first days of September, Tiger Woods made an announcement in the blog on his web site: he and his wife Elin Woods are expecting to have their second child over the course of the next months. According to the post that was made with the announcement, Tiger Woods’ second child will be born at some point during the late winter and the golfer is already starting to wonder whether his daughter, Sam, is going to be the big sister to a younger sister or a younger brother.

Of course, there’s no doubt whatsoever that, even though Tiger Woods and his wife will be having a second child, Sam will not hold a special place in the golfer’s heart. Ultimately, the 32 year old who has – in many ways – changed the face of golf will not only love his first child, but also, because of his knee injury and efforts to recover from surgery, he will be able to treasure the memories that he has made while he has been kept on the sidelines of the PGA. It is the time that Tiger Woods has spend with Sam and his wife Elin that lead him to look at the surgery as more than just a disappointing time period in his career and to see that, in some ways, the surgery and recovery period have been a blessing.

Still, it’s unlikely that Tiger Woods fans will have to worry that a second child would lead him away from the game of golf. Though he has not participated in a tournament since June of 2008 and the U.S. Open, Tiger has not let go of his love for the game of golf. In the meantime, while going through the work of recovering from a knee injury and the surgery that followed, Tiger Woods has been working to design two separate golf courses – one in the nation of Dubai and the other in the state of North Carolina.

In other words, while Tiger Woods may not feel that 2008 has been very successful for him in terms of time spent out on the golf course, it’s safe to assume that he is pleased with the way that things are going. Tiger Woods says that he enjoys spending time designing golf courses, has been working toward recovering from the surgery and that the time that he got to spend with his daughter assures him that being a parent is its own reward. And, of course, given the news of a second child, it would appear that the rewards of parenthood are among the top prizes that Tiger Woods has received over the course of his career.

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