Tiger Woods’s ex-caddie calls latest win ‘best ever’

The less-than-subtle jibe made by Steve Williams against Tiger Woods shows how the one-time caddy and “friend” of Woods wouldn’t just sulk around quietly after he was sacked by the former world golf champion two weeks ago.

Apparently, Williams has not yet recovered from being sacked by Woods despite his silence during the sex scandal which rocked Woods’ career and personal life and his seemingly loyalty to the American for many years. Thus, when an opportunity presented itself during the 18-shot victory of his new employer Adam Scott over Woods during the WGC Invitational on Sunday, he just could not resist the chance to gloat.

“It’s the greatest week of my life caddying – and I sincerely mean that,” the 47-year-old New Zealander said. “I have been caddying for more than 30 years now. I have won 145 times and that is the best win of my life… A lot has been said this week and it is great to back it up. I back myself as a frontrunner as a caddie and I have won again.”

His insistence that it is “the most satisfying win I’ve ever had” would undoubtedly elicit a surprise from Woods and everyone else considering that he has helped Woods in winning 13 majors. In fact prior to being sacked, theirs was considered the most successful ever partnership between a golfer and a caddie.

“I was absolutely shocked that I got the boot to be honest with you,” Williams reiterated over the weekend. “I’ve caddied for the guy for 12 years, I’ve been incredibly loyal to the guy and I got short-shifted.”

The WGV Invitational victory of Williams over Woods was both sporting and financial considering that Williams got 10 percent of Scott’s $.14 million prize money from the tournament which is roughly $140,000. Notably, Woods only got $58,500 for his 37th joint place.

Last week was definitely not a great weekend for Woods despite his return to the course after several months of inactivity due to his injuries because aside from the tournament result, it was also learned that he will not be renewing his lucrative contract with luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer.

Nonetheless, Woods remains upbeat. “This is my first tournament for a while,” he said after scoring a level-par 70 in the final round. “You have to understand, I’m fresh. I haven’t played. So it is nice for me to get out there in this competitive atmosphere, not matter how I was playing, just to figure out how to score.”