Tiger Woods’ Out of US Open but His Caddie In

Tiger Woods

Image by Keith Allison via Flickr

Tiger Woods and his caddie Steve Williams have been a great team for over 13 years. But Williams will be keeping yardage and carrying the bag for other golfer than Woods at least for a week.

According to reports, Williams will work for Australian Adam Scott next week at the U.S. Open. Steve who made a trip to America from New Zealand to help Tiger to prepare for the tournament decided to stay a little longer and ended up looping for the Aussie.

Woods pulled out of the US Open due to his left leg injury. In the meanwhile, Scott recently split with veteran caddie Tony Navarro. And though Woods’ agent stated that it was just a temporary job for Williams and that he got the green light from Woods first, it remains unknown how long Woods will be out or how long Williams is going to work for the Australian.

Nobody would not even notice if any other caddie decided to switch golfers. But the thing that it is Woods’ caddie leads to many questions, including the one about their relationship. There were some rumors a few months ago that they were going to split, especially when Woods hinted that Steve Williams’ bad advice cost him the US Open in 2010. And with Scott caddy-less, there is a vacancy to be filled.

It is not the first time when Adam Scott has worked with the Williams’ family. He hired Phil Williams, Steve’s younger brother, to be his caddie ten years ago. Perhaps, this time he is going to hire Steve Williams permanently.