Tiger on injury setback

There is arguably nothing more frustrating in sport than getting injured. More often than not there is nothing you can do about it and it is a case of playing the waiting game.

It is particularly frustrating when you feel as though you might be in some good form, as Tiger Woods would have done before his recent withdrawal during the first round of the Players Championship.

After a couple of years of controversy off the field, those placing free bets note how Woods has threatened to return somewhere near his best in the last couple of months, with an accomplished performance at the Masters last month.

However, he will not be able to return to the top of the sport unless he plays through the pain barrier. This is after he recently had trouble walking because of knee and Achilles problems.

Woods said: “I’m having a hard time walking. It] felt fine during warm-up, and then as I played, it progressively got worse. The more rest I get, the better it would be.”

The former World No.1 was then pushed on what this consistent injury concern means for his future, he replied: “Give me a few days to see what the docs say, and we’ll take a look at it.”

Those placing a regular free bet will recognise that Woods is clearly frustrated with this injury holding back his progress. He hasn’t won a tournament in 18 months and it isn’t an ideal situation for someone hoping to win major titles.

The American’s coach Sean Foley doesn’t think it is a problem that will go away either, stating that if Woods wants to be the best player in the World once again, he will have to do so with a knee that causes him discomfort.

Foley said: “At the end of the day if it’s been bothered before it doesn’t ever really truly heal. He’s an athlete and he’s fit but you can’t overuse your body that much and not have, there’s going to be some issues.”

Woods main aim will be getting back to fitness for the US Open at the middle of next month. If he can win one major title playing with pain, he will take this belief forward as he looks to become best in the world once again.