Three Keys To Increase Distance With Your Golf Swing

Three Keys To Increase Distance With Your Golf Swing

For many golfers, a big concern is how to hit the ball farther.  Typically, a good swing with solid fundamentals will naturally allow you to hit the ball far provided you have good strength.  There are a few important keys that you can specifically work on to hit it farther.

The first key I recommend is having good angles in your setup or swing.  A good setup will have good knee flex and a correct bend from the hips with the weight on the balls of your feet.  A good setup is a critical component to not only swinging more on the correct path but also hitting it farther.  You want to have a good shoulder turn on the backswing where your shoulders turn a full 90 degrees.  This will allow you to swing the golf club over your shoulder and maintain good angles at the top of your backswing as well.  From there, you’ll be in a powerful position to swing back down through the golf ball.

Second key is swing speed.  You want to make sure you are swinging fastest at the point of impact.  Many golfers make the mistake of rushing their backswing, making it too fast and then from their it is forced to slow down coming into the golf ball when it should be speeding up at this point.  One key on timing of your swing is the backswing should be three times as long as the downswing.  Tour players were studied and it was recorded that they all have this correct tempo where their backswing all are three times as long as their downswings.  Make sure not to try to swing too hard from the top of your backswing.  Often times golfers try to hit the ball too hard resulting in lots of problems when hitting the golf ball.  You want to have a nice and smooth transition and allow the swing speed to increase as you are nearing the impact position.  This will maximize your chances of hitting the ball longer and straighter.  

Third key is creating lag in your swing.  You do this by hinging your wrists in the backswing which allows you to build up “leverage”.  Then on the downswing your hands will actually lead into the golf ball before the club hits the ball.  With the hands slightly ahead at impact, you’ll be assured of a solid strike which will make the golf ball travel farther.

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