The Only Problem With All My Incredible New Golf Equipment Was the Guy Using it

The Only Problem With All My Incredible New Golf Equipment Was the Guy Using it

That smell of new golf equipment is pure heaven. The irons are sealed in their own large plastic bags separate from the woods. The shoes have those big wads of paper in the toes of them to keep their shape. And that new umbrella…smells exactly like a four foot putt for birdie the first time you open it and attach it to your new ultra-lightweight bag.

Problem with all this madness and credit card fury is that the moment most of us step out there on the first tee we realize that all the new golf equipment in the world can’t save us from us.

There’s surely an empowerment to hitting a 68 degree wedge for the very first time, but not if the ball heads directly at the marshall who’s wondering why your group has now fallen a half hour behind the group in front.

And the problem is what the problem always is…our refusal to swing consistently. To take the same motion and to use it about 80 or 90 times when we are ‘on.’

There’s a sinister human condition that causes us amateurs to try to reinvent everything out there while we’re playing. To find out own swing. To do things our way. And the results…well, disaster usually.

The key to golf is and forever will be REPEATABILITY.

Taking a triangle formed by the arms as the sides and the waist as the bottom of the triangle and using it ON EVERY SHOT…no matter how difficult a shot it is! Breaking away from the proper format means squat to the fella who just sold you all that new golf equipment. He or she wants to see you back again to get another 9 wood if the one you just bought somehow ends up in the lake from a bad cased of “loose grips.”

Keeping yourself in the power triangle (as it is known) is a MUST whether you are driving, hitting a low iron, blasting a 9 iron or putting. It is the essence of the right way to swing a golf club.

Recently I found a unique piece of new golf equipment called the Perfect Connextion that will ONLY allow a golfer to swing with the power triangle. It was designed by Carl Rabito, PGA Master Teaching Professional, and it literally locks your arms in place and teaches them how to fold perfectly as you release after impact.

It destroys the chicken shot and builds a repeatable, muscle-memory foundation for a great swing.

There will always be someone out there selling new golf equipment. The real question is are you ever going to let a better golfer play with all that new stuff???

You’ve heard about it, maybe even read about it. Now discover the golf swing training aid that has changed the game for TENS OF THOUSANDS. The Perfect Connextion is stunning. And now, just for reading this article, you can get it at a huge discount with TWO FREE BONUSES and 7 FREE ONLINE LESSONS by visiting, make sure you use PIN #PSCR12382 for your discount!

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