Shotgun Start: A European’s chance at Pebble Beach

Shotgun Start: A European’s chance at Pebble Beach
U.S. Open week is upon us and at the sacred Pebble Beach course, Steve Elling and Scott Michaux discuss the Europeans’ chances of winning and their favorite holes on the scenic course. U.S. Open – Pebble Beach California – Golf – Sport – Tiger Woods
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Incompetence In The White House
Never in my life have I seen either complete incompetence in an administration or borderline treason. I know that treason is a powerful word, but when you purposefully do something to harm your country is that not treasonous?
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Corps Suspends Surface Mine Permits
The Army Corps of Engineers says Thursday’s announcement means new surface mines in West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Virginia will need individual Clean Water Act permits.
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