Ryo Ishikawa will donate his entire 2011 earnings to Japanese people

Ryo Ishikawa

Ryo Ishikawa will donate his entire 2011 earnings to Japanese people

The Japanese golfer has promised to donate all money he earns from his 2011 tournaments to his ruined country to help reconstruct it after the March disasters.

Ryo Ishikawa will be playing this week at the Masters game and understands that whatever stress he is going to undergo, it’s nothing to the fact his compatriots are still suffering from the earthquake and tsunami disasters which have taken away so many lives and destroyed so many buildings.

However he is not going to give up on his training because the 19-year-old golfer understands the sports could bring him the much desired victory, along with money, which he has promised to donate to his country.

According to Ishikawa’s statement made on Monday, he’d like to accentuate the strength and vigor this sport could bring to support Japanese people, and also play very well to show them his encouragement as well.

The young golfer hasn’t visited his country since the unhappy disaster, and has already played three PGA games in Florida. He has declared that though he truly sympathizes with his countrymen, nothing in the world will distract him from the Augusta National at the moment. This is because the better he plays the more money he could donate to his country.

Though Ryo Ishikawa is a nine-time winner in his native country, he hasn’t proved it to the Americans yet who need striking demonstration of his talent at their country as well.