Rory Sabatini’s got into serious trouble with PGA Tour


Rory Sabatini

The golfer could be punished, and even suspended from the tournament because of the abusive quarrel with Sean O’Hair at the Zurich Classic in New Orleans.

It appears that it’s the second time for Sabbatini this year to get in trouble because of his bad behavior on the golf field. The first case occurred at Riviera in the Northern Trust Open, was heard to speak rudely to a young volunteer who was trying to help him find the lost ball.

The teenage helper has written a 5 page letter to the PGA officials; however Sabbatini came off clear, without punishment.

They say the teenager put an empty plastic bottle on the grass to the right of the fifth green – the place he considered Sabattini hit his ball. The golfer swore at him for influencing his ball, though it appeared the ball was not his. The dense grass appeared to be hidden three more balls, however none of hem turned to belong to the scolding golfer.

Stewart Cink who also participated in the tournament together with Rory Sabatini, said he was present at the incident which was confusing for him as a golfer. Nonetheless, Sabatini apologized to him, with Cink thinking he was sincere and realized his mistake.

A PGA delegate Ty Votaw said they knew what happened but won’t discuss “disciplinary matters”.

The officials say a 30-day suspension from tournaments would be appropriate in the case, with O’Hair, however Sabbatini itself denies the fact. When he was asked to comment the rumors, the golfer said the following:

“Comment on what? Those crazy rumors going around? Well, I’m playing this week, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much, OK guys?”

And, again, when reporters asked him whether he was going to be suspended from the tour, he repeated his words about rumors, saying their suggestions are based on idle gossip.

Sean O’Hair missed the last five cuts, so he couldn’t be reached for a comment immediately. However some casual observers said the quarrel was so tense that even O’Hair’s father-in-law and at the same time, his caddy, had to interfere to stop the dispute.