Rory McIlroy makes humanitarian trip to Haiti

Rory McIlroy

Image by zzazazz via Flickr

Golfer Rory Mcllroy took a detour before proceeding to the US Open and travelled to Tahiti for his first overseas trip as the ambassador of Unicef Ireland.

Mcllroy’s visit comes at a time when the Caribbean country is still suffering from the January 2010’s devastating earthquake’s effects which killed and injured thousands of people. One of the hardest hit was Port-au-Prince.

This was the golfer’s chance to the efforts made by the many agencies including Unicef to rebuild the affected areas. Among the places visited by Mcllroy during his two-day trip included a maternal centre, camps for homeless people and newly-built schools.

“It was important to me that my first visit as a Unicef goodwill ambassador be a place like Haiti, where I can see what is being accomplished and what challenges remain,” said Rory.

Mcllroy had the chance to teach children, in a junior school newly-rebuilt by Unicef, to wash their hands properly as a protection against cholera which has caused more than 5,000 deaths.

Mcllroy, who was accompanied by the Unicef Ireland delegation, helped in the distribution of supplies that will help prevent cholera. He also visited a displaced camp with a child-friendly space funded by Unicef that allows children a safe environment for sports and games.

The golfer tweeted about his trip to Haiti.

“Pretty emotional day today. Great to see all the work Unicef do to help and educate kids in this grief stricken country,” he posted.

In a later post he said: “My trip to Haiti is coming to an end. Was incredible to see the work Unicef do here and more importantly the great spirit the Haitian people have. With the new president and the positivity of the people a little help could go a long way in this country!”