Rockliffe Helps with Golf Recovery

Rockcliffe Golf Course

Rockcliffe Golf Course

One of the UK’s most highly rated golf courses has become the first to stock a new product designed to promote healthy joints and muscles.

Members and visitors at the stunning Rockliffe Hall development in the North East will now be able to look after more than their game when they pay a visit to the course’s professional shop.

Rockliffe Hall has teamed up with Quest Vitamins to trial a ‘Joints and Muscles’ pack designed to assist golfers with the aches and pains that can occur when out on the course.

Quest is one of the most established vitamin and supplement companies in the UK, and is widely respected for its scientific approach to product development as well as its in house manufacturing facilities.

Director Mohamed Hassam is delighted to see the Joints and Muscles packs hit the shelves at Rockliffe Hall and believes it is a perfect market.

He said: “When we were developing the products a lot of the feedback we were getting was from golfers, who had everything from neck and shoulder to knee and ankle aches and pains – and were looking for solutions that would allow them to continue golfing comfortably.

“Rockliffe Hall is a fantastic development and a great place to showcase the product which we believe will be embraced by golfers across the country.”

And it adds up to a sporting double for Quest, after Premiership giants Manchester United and Chelsea were amongst a host of football clubs looking to make their own luck when it comes to injuries this season.

Pre-season training may be focused on stamina, but clubs are also taking the opportunity to help introduce the players to ways of boosting their health and well-being throughout the season.

Manchester United and Chelsea may be sworn enemies when it comes to the pursuit of the Premiership title – but the two sides are agreed on some of the ingredients it takes to get there.

The duo are amongst a host of Premiership clubs that have turned to leading vitamins and supplements company Quest to ensure that their players remain in the best possible condition.

Along with market leading all in one products, Quest diverse range includes supplements for promoting bone strength, joints and muscle health, energy and immunity.