Promotional Christmas Gift – PGA Tour Golfing Gifts (part one)

Promotional Christmas Gift – PGA Tour Golfing Gifts (part one)

Even if you are not a golfer, you will no doubt have heard the name PGA Tour.  PGA Tour have launched a new range of top quality promotional gifts that you may find of interest.  If you have customers that golf, you are bound to find the perfect Christmas gift for them here.  Following, I would like to introduce 7 fun gifts.  Some of the more expensive gift cannot be personalized but if personalization is a must, it could be done with a printed decal.  All of these golf products come branded with the PGA Tour logo which your customers will recognize and respect.

Laser Range Finder: With this nifty but quite expensive gadget, golfers will improve their game by knowing the exact distance from where they are to the flag.  This laser range finder provides exact information which your customers will find invaluable.  There is no minimum quantity and personalization is done by printed decal.  It is the perfect executive golfing gift for your most important customers.

PGA Tour Monocular:  For those that are put off by the hefty price tag of the laser golf range finder, you might be interested in the monocular.  Any golfer will tell you that knowing the distance to the flag is very important.  It helps you to decide which club to use.  The monocular provides distances from 50 to 300 yards/meters to the flag. This gift can be personalized with printed decal.

PGA Sunglasses:  These are a much more economical choice!  If you are on a budget, you can still give your customers good quality sunglasses that come supplied in a nave pouch with a karabiner.  There are several styles to choose from.

Golf Shoe Care Kit: There are several different styles, but they all provide a means to the same result: clean golf shoes.  Most sets include black and natural shoe polish, a buffing brush and a soft cleaning cloth and a shoe horn.  What a perfect gift to give your top clients after a day out on the course.

Golf Watch:  This midrange executive gift may prove difficult to get printed with your logo if your supplier does not offer in house printing but is can be done.  The PGA Tour golf watch features handicap, the golf score of the current game from hole one to 18.  The golf score record and handicap are calculated for you and the watch even stores the details for up to 20 players.  Of course, the golf watch also displays the time and has an alarm as would be expected of a watch.

Golf Multi Tool:  There are many golf multi tools on the market but branded tools tend to go down better.  The PGA Tour version has five functions.  There is a knife, a divot tool, a golf ball marker, a tee punch and the all important, never leave home without it, bottle opener.

Golf Gift Set:  You have probably seen a lot of golfing gift sets as they are one of the most popular golfing gifts on the market.  It is worth noting that there are some very nice generic sets but if brand name is important to you, PGA Tour’s features three balls, a golf towel, 18 tees, and a the five function multi tool described above.



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