Prepare yourself Physically for Golf

Prepare yourself Physically for Golf

Most people would think that golf hardly requires any physical exertion. However, an 18-hole round could definitely take a toll on your mind and body. Improving your physical fitness could help you to improve your consistency, concentration, balance and the strength of your swing.

You need not start a full-blown fitness routine in hopes of making your game better. Here are some things that any golf player could effortlessly do to get in shape physically for the next game.

1. Strength

Although you can always spend time in the gym bulking yourself up to hit the ball to the far ends of the earth, this is not always necessary. To improve your strength for playing golf specifically, it is advisable to do exercises that will improve your swing. You can do some rotational exercises using weights in various positions, which could improve not only your core strength, but also your balance, flexibility and control.

2. Flexibility

This is one of the aspects that a lot of people have to work on as most golf players neglect to do a proper warm-up before a game or before a round. Doing a couple of stretching exercises and swings using a two clubs or one heavy club could help in loosening up your muscles and joints and eventually help you in performing better at your game.

3. Endurance

There are also several ways to enhance your endurance, however, if you want to improve your endurance specifically for playing golf, all you need to do would be a bit of walking. Although this is already what players do when they are out on the course but if you are able to walk longer distances without being too exhausted then you would be able to keep the quality of your swing consistent – whether you are on the first hole or the last hole.

You need not be a health buff to get in great physical shape for playing golf. You would just need to do a couple of simple and basic exercises from time to time and eventually, not only will you be physically fit for golf but you might also be able to improve your game.

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