Players Smoking Pot During PGA Tour

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PGA Tour golfer Robert Garrigus, known for winning the 2010 Children’s Miracle Network Classic and using an unusually short putter admitted to smoking pot during the developmental tour for the PGA Tour, the Nationwide Tour.

The golf player said that he often slipped out in the middle of the round to smoke marihuana in 2002, six years before the Tour started conducting drug tests. And according to him, there were many other unnamed players on the tour also partook in smoking the forbidden weed.

The 33-year-old ex-substance abuser enjoying a successful season and received his first major cut at Congressional struggle against drug addiction sometime ago but went through rehabilitation and restored his career. He currently holds the 39th position on the PGA Tour money list after having earned $1,315,557 this season.

Garrigus said that his drug addiction problems began when he attended Scottsdale Community College. The player admitted that he habitually smoked pot 10 or 20 times daily and had strong drug dependence. However, he does not regret those times because they made him who he is now.

PGA Tour’s PR man Ty Votaw refused to give any comment on this revelation. Moreover, when asked whether he will face disciplinary proceedings, Garrigus said he had not been approached by any PGA Tour officials. Apparently, the statute of limitation applies to smoking marijuana as well.