Pga Tour: Vijay Singh – A Legend In The Making

Pga Tour: Vijay Singh – A Legend In The Making

Vijay Singh has secured himself among the elite in the golfing world.  He is extremely dedicated to the sport of golf, and seems to get better and better the older he gets.  He has won many tournaments and been one of the premier golfers on the PGA Tour.  He has an incredible amount of work ethic both on the course, in the gym, or at the driving range.  He has been no stranger to work throughout his life, and he has applied himself both physically and mentally in order to achieve his goals and make a name for himself in the golfing industry.

Vijay grew up in Fiji and first started golf when he was a young man.  His father was an airplane technician who had a side job as a golf teacher.  Vijay learned from his father and went pro by 1982.  After only two years as a professional golfer Vijay won the Malaysian Open.  The very next year he was accused of cheating during an Asian Tour.  The allegations were that Singh had changed his score on his scorecard so that he would make it into the finals.  Although he strictly denied it, the Asian Tour still suspended him as a precautionary tactic.

After that suspension, Singh spent time in Borneo as a golf pro.  Over the course of these years, he would continue to play golf internationally and would win tournaments in a number of different countries throughout the world.  In 1998 Vijay would join the PGA Tour in Europe and he would golf with them until 1993 when he joined the US PGA Tour.  The first year in the US PGA Tour would prove to be a very good one for Singh, as he would win rookie of the year and also have a record of winning some wildcard matches against better players.

Vijay would win his very first major title five years after being on the US PGA tour, and two year later in 2000 he would add his first Masters title to his trophy case.

The breaking point for Vijay came around 2003 when his career just really began to take off.  2004 was his best season on record and had 9 wins that season.  This was a huge achievement since only six players in the history of the PGA Tour had won 9 or more wins in a season.  This really got Vijay’s name out there and put him all of the national headlines.  He earned over million that season and was the Number one ranked golfer on the planet.

2005 didn’t fare as well, but he still played some stellar golf.  The next couple of years he continued to win a tournament here and there, but nothing like the 2004 season.  He is in his forties now and continues to rack up wins, but also spends a lot of time running his charity.  Overall, Vijay Singh has made a great impact on the game of golf and will continue to be a force the older that he gets.

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