Liz Hurley not getting a divorce anytime soon

Liz Hurley not getting a divorce anytime soon

Liz Hurley not getting a divorce anytime soon - Image via Wikipedia

Reports of a divorce between British actress and model Elizabeth Hurley and her husband Indian entrepreneur Arun Nayar hugged the headlines this week but Hurley denied she had plans of going through the legal process.

Hurley confirmed her separation from Nayar for months now but said divorce is not yet in the offing.

The Hurley-Nayar divorce news reports hit the web after photographs of Hurley kissing Australian cricketer Shane Warne were published by the tabloids. Warne announced that he and his wife Simone, with whom he has three children, have separated.

The 45-year old Hurley turned to twitter to set the status of her marriage straight.

“Bored now of silly speculations: no one is divorcing anyone yet, no one is fighting over money and I have no plans to go to Australia. Enough!” she tweeted.

Hurley, who is well remembered for her stint in the “Austin Powers” movie, visited Winter Wonderland at the Hyde Park in London Thursday with eight year old Damian, her son with Steve Bing.

The 45-year old Nayar took advantage of Hurley’s absence and visited the property after she left to avoid an awkward meeting. Nayar’s family, who were shocked with the Hurley-Warne kissing photos, were supposedly happy about the separation and reported divorce plans.

“Liz never mentioned she was seeing anybody when she met her in-laws in October. The family is actually glad they have separated,” said a source.

Despite the trouble between them, Hurley was all praises about Nayar’s treatment of her son, saying he was a “great father” to Damian.

She tweeted: “Painful, sad days. Arun & I separated for private reasons but FTR (for the record) he has been a great father to our son Damian & will always be in his life. (sic)”

The separation news has led Hugh Grant, Hurley’s ex-boyfriend with whom she enjoyed a 13-year relationship, to her doors. The Daily Mail claimed Grant, who was snapped leaving Hurley’s West London house, spent several hours comforting Hurley.
No use bringing back the romantic angle here since the two have remained friends after the break-up and are also business partners.