Dukan Diet: Newest Fad or Weight-Loss Answer?

Dukan Diet

Dukan Diet

The Atkins Diet is passé. The new fad is its French version, the Dukan Diet, which is a hit in America and in Europe.

New York-based dietician Tanya Zuckerbort however warned about the danger of the Dukan Diet, which is reportedly what is keeping Kate Middleton within her ideal weight before her royal wedding.

“The Dukan Diet is not based on any scientific data, and seems to be a modified version of the Atkins Diet,” Zuckerbort said. “This diet is protein-centric and highly restrictive in the initial stages, without much research to back it up.”

Dr. Pierre Dukan’s weight loss plan has been popular in France for years and it is expected to become a hit in North American soon. The Dukan Diet consists of low-fat and high-protein meals with oat bran and very large amounts of water. Vegetables are sometimes infused in the diet but no fruit is allowed. What makes it popular among the younger set is that it allows wine and dessert for certain days.

The Dukan Diet requires only 20 minutes of exercise in a day but elevators are not allowed.

“A diet consisting of high fiber carbohydrates, lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and a small amount of heart healthy fat is the key to looking and feeling your best,” Zuckerbort said.

Despite sales of millions of copies of Dukan’s book worldwide and after being translated into 14 languages, Zuckerbort is not convinced and said the diet has already earned a bad reputation among dieticians the world over.

“France’s National Agency for Food, Environmental and Work Health Safety pointed out the Dukan Diet as one of 15 imbalanced and potentially risky diets. The British Dietetic Association has also listed the Dukan Diet as one of the five worst diets of 2011,” she said.

Zuckerbrot said there is a danger of nutrition deficiency, kidney problems and even high cholesterol problems with Dukan’s Diet since it eliminates key foods.

“You will initially see weight loss on the Dukan Diet, but this eating plan is not sustainable. Also a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates is expensive. This diet is just that, a diet, not a healthy maintainable lifestyle,” she said.