Amazon Eve Tallest Model According to The Guinness World Book Of Records

The Guinness Book of Records has made it official. At 6’8”, model Amazon Eve is “The World’s Tallest Model”.

The tall model said she has no qualms posing nude for Playboy provided Hugh Hefner took the photos.

“I would need to reduce my muscle mass and soften up a bit, but Hefner is the only one I would pose nude for, because he does it so tastefully,” she said.

Eve was fully clothed when she came to the Playboy Mansion last week for a fundraising lingerie party. She told FOX411″The bunnies sized me up and treated my body like it was a stripper pole!”

“It was quite exciting—I’ve never been there,” Eve told FOX411 exclusively about the party. “They didn’t tell me it was a lingerie party! Had I known, I would have dressed appropriately.”

She said she used to be a personal trainer and a paralegal until a dominatrix client told her that a gentleman wanted to meet her. The man went on to pay her $800 just to lie underneath her.

“(The dominatrix) said that it would be a great way to make money,” Eve explains. “I said no at first, but she was persistent. She had a client fly in from Phoenix to meet me—I stood there for two hours in high heels while he was down on the floor, looking up at me. He paid me $800—it was that easy.”

The fellow from Phoenix was far from her most unusual client. “There is a guy who is the ‘Mr. Big’ of the oil business—really powerful,” says Eve. “I picked him up and he reverted to the fetal position in my arms. I was a little weirded out by that.”

While Eve’s main source of income may sound kinky, she insists it’s anything but, “It’s not sexual,” insists Eve. “It’s more about safety and security.”

Eve already appeared on the cover of an Australian tabloid.

“One of my fans put me in touch with Zoo Weekly, says Eve. “They photographed me with a short little 5’ model for comparison—it was their most successful issue ever. The video went viral and became one of the most Googled things on the Internet.

But while she is enjoying success in her career, Eve said she has had a hard time dealing with relationships.

“For a while, I wouldn’t date men shorter than me,” laughs Eve. “I have dated six men taller than me—not a lot. You need variety. Men are like shoes—if they don’t fit, it’s not going to work! I don’t use height as a benchmark anymore. I’ve dated men as short as 5’4”.”

While Eve is currently dating, she hasn’t quite found “The One.” “I’m not in a committed relationship,” says Eve. “But I would love to get married one day—finding the dress, that’s another challenge!”

When asked about the perfect husband material, she said “I like a little old school, I like humor—I like men who are calm and don’t have drug or alcohol issue. But there’s no perfect man out there—I do know that!”

She is also looking into the possibility of conquering the movies, maybe a role as a Bond villain.