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  • At home on the range

    Always thought about trying your hand at golf but too intimidated to set foot on the first tee? Are you an experienced golfer whose game is going down the pan, not the pin? Do you feel like you want to make some tweaks to your game but don’t want to hold up play? Lots of [...]

  • Your Golf Travel.com get Three in a Row on The Fast Track 100

    Your Golf Travel.com get Three in a Row on The Fast Track 100

    If you’re looking for the top rated private companies in the UK you might turn to The Sunday Times Fast Track 100. If you’re also engrossed in the world of golf you might be interested to know that Your Golf Travel.com has been listed for a third consecutive year. They are one of only twelve [...]

  • The Top 5 Golf Shoes for Spring 2012

    Golf shoes are an important aspect of any golfing outfit.  Comfort, balance and posture is crucial for attaining that all important swing.  This coming spring season of 2012 offers a great selection of golf shoes suitable for any player at any level, within any budget.  Here we review the top 5 golf shoes available for [...]

  • Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith: ‘We Are Still Together’

    Will and Jada Smith debunked rumours that they have separated and issued a statement which confirmed that they are still together after 13 years of marriage. “Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumours circulating about our relationship are completely false. We are still together, and our marriage is [...]

  • China overtaking U.S. as top market for PCs

    The United States, through pioneering companies Apple and IBM Corp. has dominated the personal computer market for three decades but China overtook the US in this industry last quarter. The shipment of personal computers in China increased 15 percent to 18.5 million for the second quarter, the first time it surpassed the US which decreased [...]

  • Missouri teacher sues state over ‘Facebook law,’ says she can’t contact her own child online

    A new law dubbed the “Facebook law”, that prevents teachers from contacting their students over the Internet has led to the filing of charges by a Missouri teacher, who said the law made it illegal for her to chat with her own child using Facebook. Teachers are prohibited by the new law to engage in [...]

  • Where is Gadhafi? Guessing game begins as an era ends in Libya

    “Where is Moammar Gadhafi?”, might as well be the 24-dollar question on everyone’s mind, considering the contradicting reports about Gadhafi. “He’s everywhere, he’s nowhere; he’s negotiating to get out, he will never surrender; who knows?” former United Nations official Mark Quarterman said. Quarterman however stressed that “how he goes” is the next important question that [...]

  • Coke celebrates its 125th birthday with a stylish new look for the Diet Coke can

    Coca-Cola turns 125 years old and the Atlanta-based company is celebrating its birthday, not with a new formula, but with a stylish new look and a limited-edition packaging for the Diet Coke starting next month. As Adweek reminds us, “Remember New Coke back in 1985? That was a branding lesson for one and all: Do [...]

  • Pope to pilgrims: spread faith as youth fest ends

    Pope Benedict XVI delivered words of encouragement to over 1.5 million young people Sunday, who were urged to become missionaries for the faith, during the conclusion of the church youth festival. He also announced the venue of the 2012 youth festival, Rio de Janeiro. The World Youth Day pilgrims, who were hosted at a Madrid [...]

  • Brad Pitt Brings WORLD WAR Z To Glasgow

    Brad Pitt’s latest film “World War Z” transformed Glasgow’s city centre into Philadelphia’s boulevards. Pitt and his crew are in the city for the post apocalyptic zombie flick after being sighted previously on location in Valleta, Malta and in Falmouth, Cornwall. The tabloids reported how Pitt and wife Angelina Jolie and their family arrived in [...]