McGinley : Harrington should not be at Celtic Manor

Whilst Paul McGinley is a man who is very good friends with Padraig Harrington, and undoubtedly was one of the key factors that ensured the Irishman controversially received a wildcard pick that granted him a place on the European Ryder Cup team for the 2010 renewal, he recently let slip the key reason why Padraig should perhaps not be in this year’s team after all.

Harrington is clearly a talented golfer, there’s no doubt about that, but many a Ryder Cup Preview note how he is also a man who has limited interest in helping out his teammates, an unfortunate truth that was let slip by McGinley when he suggested that he was bitterly disappointed by the decision of Harrington not to use the last two European Tour events to earn the necessary points to earn an automatic place on the team, instead, somewhat selfishly, forcing captain Colin Montgomerie to choose between players that he would have wanted to be on his team by merit.

With players such as Paul Casey, Justin Rose and Padraig Harrington having all failed to qualify automatically for the team, Montgomerie has been forced to work with a team which is, to some extent, devoid of names that he would dearly have loved to have had at his disposal.

However, with these players sadly not choosing to show their captain and fellow competitors the respect that they deserve by opting to focus upon the more financially rewarding USPGA Tour instead of putting the Ryder Cup first, they have shown a complete lack of dedication to golf’s most high-profile event.

With this is mind, McGinley will know that if Europe are to live up to many Ryder Cup Tips and win this year’s competition, players will need to work together and have an absolute sense of dedication to the cause, something that the selection of Harrington may have contradicted.