McDowell concerned for Tiger’s future

Tiger Woods will miss the US Open at the Congressional for the first time since his 1995 comeback debut and this worries defending champion Graeme McDowell who said it might put a doubt over Woods’ career.

Woods was forced to pull out of the event due to his Achilles and knee injuries, the same reason which forced him to pull out of last month’s golf tournament.

Woods, who was also suffering from a serious knee injury when he won the US Open in 2008, decided to suffer “short-term frustration for long-term gain” by pulling out of the event this year and avoid risking further injury.

The former world golf number one’s career started to spiral down after his well-publicized marital and womanizing problems. Many people are however fearful that with his injuries causing changes in his swing, they would never be able to see Woods back in his old game again.

Admitting that the absence of Woods in the Congressional field will be a huge blow, McDowell has that the former world number one’s future is a concern.

“Of course it’s a massive blow for the US Open — to not have one of the greatest players that’s ever lived is massive,” McDowell said.

“There have been question marks over his health for the last couple of months. When I saw him hobbling through the locker room at the Players Championship the warning signs were there. We all hope as golfers that his health can come back. We thought he’d be ready for the US Open.”

He added, “Tiger plays his cards close to his chest and it’s pretty difficult to know what’s going on, but obviously this is a lot more serious than we thought. His quest to beat Jack Nicklaus’s record is one of the great golf stories and we hope he gets better soon.”

Missing the US Open is not good for Woods who is now ranked 15th in the world and McDowell said Woods’ personal and physical problems puts a big question into his planned comeback.

“That is the question,” he added. “We all look at the way his last couple of years have gone and now there are questions over his physical health. Will he be back? Nobody knows at the minute — there’s obviously a lot going on. His mental health is one question and his physical health is now another.”

“Golf needs him. He has been golf for the last 15 years,” he added.