Manassero defying the power game to become golf superstar

Matteo Manassero, Italian amateur, in Crans on...

golf superstar

Italian teenager Matteo Manassero already has two European Tour victories even before he turns 18 years old Tuesday.

Manassero’s most recent and most impressive victory was in Malaysia Sunday when he defeated a group of golfers including the leader of the Masters, the top-ranked golfer in the world and several veterans in the European Tour.

All those seeking to bring him down went home disappointed as Manassero used a combination of solid putting, keen ballstriking and accuracy.

The Italian teen’s driving accuracy placed him second in the field for the week but he got the top rating in regulation and greens as he hit nearly 85 percent of greens in regulation.

Manassero however placed 41st in driving distance at 275.4 yards off the tee. While he can improve on this with a more mature body and more weight lifting, it is unlikely that he will become another Rickie Fowler who is a long hitter.

Golf favours players with a lot of strength and length but the style of Manassero defies the trend. But when he gets to the Masters as a pro in 2012, he can be as lethal as Dustin Johnson and Martin Kaymer.

Manassero may lack distance but he has mental strength and flawless form. The mechanics of Manassero and Rory Mcllroy’s play from tee to green are almost similar. However, the two have distinct putting.

It is easy to compare Manassero with the other golfers but it is premature to draw any comparison to the historical figures in golf like Nicklaus, Palmer or even Woods.