Lower Your Golf Score – Golf Equipment That Lowers Your Score

Lower Your Golf Score – Golf Equipment That Lowers Your Score

Obviously the golf clubs you purchase have the greatest impact on your game, but other things can affect your game as well, such as the balls you use and the shoes you wear.

When you get into top of the line clubs, there truly isn’t much of a difference between the different makes and brands. There is quite a difference between the top of the line clubs and the cheap knock-offs, but you have to take into consideration how much you are going to play. If you only plan on playing a few times a year, there is no point in dropping a grand on a set of clubs.

When you begin searching for the perfect set of clubs, there are really four things you want to take into consideration; the size of the head and swing weight, flex of shaft, lie angle and the loft. When looking at the size of the head, a general rule of thumb is the larger club head you have the lower your score will be. This will allow you to work with the ball more and get more power from it.

When looking at the shaft of the club, the flex of the shaft is what you truly need to focus on. The flex will influence the ball flight and give you more distance, but it can be more difficult to control. A stiff shaft will give you more control, but you will lose a lot of distance on your shot. Generally, the faster your swing is the stiffer the shaft should be.

The lie angle can be tested by placing your clubs on a lie board or looking at the divots. A divot that is deeper at the toe shows you have your lie is too flat, while divots that are deeper in the heel show you that your lie is too steep. Having a lie that is too flat will cause the head of your club to turn in a way that you will push your shots, and a lie that is too steep will do the exact opposite.

The last tip you want to look at is the loft. The golf club loft should especially be considered when looking at the woods. A slower swing will require more loft and flex and the opposite is the case for a faster swing. High handicap players should get a loft of 9 to 12 degrees.

While there are many things you want to take into consideration when purchasing your golf equipment, the best golf equipment tip is to focus primarily on the clubs you purchase. The clubs you buy can have a huge affect on your shot, and the way you swing a club will help decipher what clubs are best for you.

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