Irish Golfers granted with €157,000

The Irish department of Golf Trust has given 15 Irish golf players €157,000 to make their tournaments in foreign countries easier in financial aspect and encourage their participation in less profitable competitions.

These financial incentives last for 12 years already; in total, golfers received €2.75 million during these years. However the 2011 year’s subsidy was cut down as in comparison with the 2010 year’s payment of €199,834 to 17 players. Some of them have received €17000 as compared to 5 golfers who were given €15000 each this year.

24 applications from golf players of both sexes (women and men) were sent to Team Ireland, along with delegates from the PGA, GUI and ILGU on the Team Ireland Trust committee.

Rebecca Coakley and Martina Gillen (competitors on the Ladies European Tour), as well as Jonathan Caldwell and Niall Kearney (Challenge Tour) and Niall Turner (Asian Tour) were given the top grant in the amount of €15000.

They say this grant will help them both financially and mentally, making them focus on winning a purse in the golf tournaments they are going to play this year.

Another 4 golfers were granted with €10,000 and the remaining 6 players were given €7000 each. The payment is going to be made quarterly with costs passed to the Irish Sports Council (ISC).