Improve your Golf Game with Inexpensive Golf Equipment

Improve your Golf Game with Inexpensive Golf Equipment

When you are thinking of playing a Golf game the most important part of the game is golf equipment. When the word Golf equipment comes to mind we are thinking of the Golf ball, Golf grips, Golf Club, gloves, shoes and so on.

So the key phase a Golf game is to select the correct golf equipment. You may add excitement and improve your game by making a simple and inexpensive change to some of your existing equipment. Otherwise, poorly chosen and inappropriate equipment will always make Golf a difficult and challenging sport.

There are various professional golfers who have written Golf Training manuals and guides on how to play the best Golf game. They always keep saying that the right approach to make most of your game would be to pick the right equipment and Golf Practice Aids.

Today, large number of golf stores are available online that offer you all the Golf Training Equipment including Golf Grip Tools, golf balls, gloves, shoes and so on. Among Golf Grips: Putter Grips or Driver Grips, woods and irons grips are popular with Golfers.

What are the options for a driver grip and a putter grip or for re-gripping your woods or irons?

Get Power and Control for Woods and Irons with counter weighted Grips:

By having a weight behind your hands (the weight is in the grip) we change the swing weight of the club. This gives you great club control and also adds club head speed for more power. In having the weight behind your hands and rotating the hands through your shot, the counter weight is suddenly moving opposite of the club face and drives the club head through the ball with more power than you can generate on your own. This is called an additional release force. No matter what force and speed a player can generate on their own, they will still receive this additional power surge.

The Putter Grip

The concept is simple. You basically hold the putter as usual and with the weight at the end of the grip we have created a balance point for the hands. If the club head falls behind or moves ahead of the hands, you can sense the off-line tension and will feel the putter head back in line. This is what keeps the blade in the proper pendulum position and will allow the hand/eye coordination to develop and produce a repeatable stroke that will “HOLD THE LINE” and “FEEL THE DISTANCE”. It is this sensitive feel in the fingers of both hands that develops a good putting stroke. The Pros call it “THE PUTTING TOUCH”.

For more information on Golf Grips and Golf Methods visit us online at: Special counterbalanced grip can improve anyone Golf game regardless of their physical size or strength and can be done by making a simple, inexpensive improvement to your existing equipment.