Ian Poulter — Social Media Genius

Ian Poulter — Social Media Genius

The truth is almost every top golfer now has a website to create a relationship with the fans. For a long time Ernie Els’ website led the way – and all he really did to put himself ahead of the field was produce a weekly blog that offered insight into his life and career.

But Ian Poulter – already a golfing pioneer of social media – has dramatically raised the bar with the launch of his new website.

Why? Well, first read what the team behind the new site has to say and then read our opinion – and after that, why not go and have a look yourself!

PGA and European Tour golf professional Ian Poulter, along with MGX Lab, has launched his official digital media platform and website (www.ianpoulter.com), a high-end, interactive experience that gives Ian’s fans the chance to participate in his life on and off the golf course.

“I am thrilled to have an online home that enables me to have a two-way relationship with my fans and golf fans around the world,” says Poulter.

“In addition to my twittering and other social networking activities, I will be adding video content on a regular basis to keep the site fresh, exciting and entertaining.”

Highlights of ianpoulter.com include:

“The Global Tracker”, which enables fans to follow Ian’s travels and activities around the world through his Twitter feed. Poulter is one of the most active and popular athletes on the Twitter platform with over 470,000 followers.

“Ian’s Golf Tips“, a series of video lessons from Ian that gives fans the ability to improve their game from tee to green.

“Path to the Pros”, a first-person account of Ian’s life delivered through an interactive timeline featuring exclusive video, photography and quotations.

The digital media platform was designed and built by MGX Lab, a Webby-nominated strategic partner of Ian Poulter across a range of activities, including digital media, brand strategy, and business development.

“We are honored to work with Ian and his team in creating new and innovative ways for him to interact with his fans,” says Keith Wortman, President of MGX Lab.

“The launch of this platform sets a new standard in digital interactivity and content in the sports world.”

With a slightly sheepish smile each Ian introduces you to the various sections and when you click through you find a wide array of content.

What also cannot be ignored are the big bold images used in the design work, the clean colours, the high quality sounds and complete attention to detail: this is not a half-hearted effort; it has been well planned and brilliantly executed.

If you follow casual Ian Poulter to his ‘Life’ section you can flick through sections that explain his charity work, his love of Arsenal FC, his obsession with cars or catch up with some of his previous press.

Follow him to the Design section and you can flick through his wardrobe, making sure that you co-ordinate your clothes as well as Britain’s best dressed golfer.

Imaginative, a little brash, very colourful, but insisting on the highest quality and a complete attention to detail, ianpoulter.com continues the Poulter trend of not doing something half-baked but doing it right.

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