How To Swing The Golf Club On Plane Correctly

How To Swing The Golf Club On Plane Correctly

Swinging on plane is a big key to hitting solid golf shots.  The first thing that needs to be correct is your setup.  A good setup position with a correct grip, good angles, and proper alignment will all aid you in swinging on plane correctly.  

Starting your backswing on plane requires a slow smooth takeaway with the arms and shoulders.  At the point where the golf club is parallel to the ground in the beginning of your backswing, the golf club should cover up your hands if you were looking in a mirror or someone was standing behind you this is what you would see.  If the clubhead is too far in front of your hands, it is too far outside the plane line.  If the clubhead is too far behind your hands, the club will be inside too much.  Both of these incorrect positions will cause problems with keeping the club on the correct swing plane during the rest of your swing.  

Halfway into the backswing, your hands should be set in the middle of your chest.  Also, from this halfway back position, if you drew a straight line down from your left elbow (for the right handed golfer), it should point right at the golf ball.  If your left elbow is pointing more towards your feet, your swing plane is too steep.  If your elbow is pointing too far out away from the ball, your swing plane is going to be too laid off or flat.  This is a great drill you can use to make sure you are starting your backswing on plane correctly.

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