How Owning the Proper Golf Equipment Can Enhance Your Game

How Owning the Proper Golf Equipment Can Enhance Your Game

Well, after six weeks without touching a golf club, I found myself with a few friends and a Tuesday morning tee time at a course down in Long Beach. The first hole was pretty straightforward… with a wide fairway and an expansive green protected only by a few bunkers wide to either side, the shot seemed pretty simple. Pick the right club for the distance, hit it straight, and I’ll be putting for birdie on a par-3 to open the round. Since I hadn’t swung a club in such a long time, I decided to use an 8-iron and hit it softly, rather than taking the 9 that I would usually use on a hole that’s 120-yards out. So I take out my 8-iron and line up my shot. Everything seems fine. My backstroke still feels comfortable, but on the way down, I could feel my club head move off of plane and I miss-hit the ball, sending it wide right as a nasty slice. It landed in some reeds near a pond, so I had to take a shot with a wedge at a weird stance, balancing myself on a slick grassy slope on the banks of a pond… the shot came out decently; it landed on the green… but it landed a ways away from the pin. Two putts later, I had holed out with a bogey to start my first round in months.

Knowing the game of golf, and how to play it mentally, I knew that I had to put my shoddy first hole out of my head and focus on the next shot. This one was difficult! It was a short par-3 (about 100 yards or so to the pin) but the incredibly narrow green with a pin right up front was protected by water on the front and left sides, and a steep slope with deep rough on the right. I had two options… Hit it long onto the back of the green and avoid the water and slope, but leave myself with a long birdie putt that slopes towards the water, or “go for it” and attempt to land the ball on the green in an area the size of a Hula Hoop. As a famous golfer once said about the Augusta Course in Georgia where they hold the Masters Tournament, “The shot was like trying to throw a football onto a sidewalk 200 yards away” … accuracy was everything. Since my last shot had been set up conservatively and turned out sorely, I decided to go for broke and land in that hula-hoop for a short birdie putt attempt. I took out my pitching wedge—the club in my bag that I’m most comfortable with and have been using the longest—and lined up my shot. I knew that the high 54º loft of my pitching wedge would land and stop, so accuracy and depth were everything. I focused on the pin, and could even see it in my periphery while I was staring down at the ball that I was about to hit. I took a deep breath and calmly made my swing. The ball sailed up off of the tee, landed a little bit to the right of the green on the slope, and rolled back down, slowly stopping on the green within inches of the pin! It was a truly amazing shot, and I made birdie on that hole by kneeling down with the butt of my putter and holed out billiards-style!

Now, I won’t tell you about the rest of my round, because it was terrible… but this one shot is the one that I remember. I couldn’t have placed the ball any better if I were playing with a pen on a pad of paper. This all got me thinking about the importance of golf equipment. On my first shot, I decided to swing my rarely-used 8 iron, which turned out to be a mistake… but on the second tee, I reached into my golf bag and chose the club that I’m most comfortable with, and although it was a much riskier shot than the first, it paid off for me in spades. So never underestimate the power of a good set of golf equipment combined with practice! Just because your driver keeps slicing now doesn’t mean that a new driver will fix it. Just practice, practice, practice and get comfortable with the clubs you have… before you know it, you’ll be making amazing birdies like I did on the second hole on Tuesday morning!

Kimberly Green sharing all the details of her husband’s exciting Golf game as she hears it. Proper golf equipment definitely helps get you back in the game! A sharp looking golf bag doesn’t hurt either.

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