How Important Are Golf Exercises? PGA Players Do Them And It Works

How Important Are Golf Exercises? PGA Players Do Them And It Works

Do you want to know the importance of golf exercises? PGA players do them consistently throughout the week of a tournament and are seeing great results. In fact look at the top players on the pga tour and you will see proof. Tiger, Vijay, Adam Scott and many others are reaping the benefits of an exercise program specific to golf.

Exercise Specific To Your Swing

The key to their success on tour is to work on exercises specific to their golf swing. Every player has different weaknesses in their body they need to address to improve their swing and overall performance. These pga players know how important it is to do a fitness program that will improve their golf swing faults and physical weaknesses.

This type of training to improve golf swing power and consistency involves strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, body awareness (proprioception). This cannot be accomplished with machines. Machines are controlled and usually isolate only one muscle group, where the golf swing involves the entire body in a sequential motion.

The PGA Is Too Competitive To Ignore An Exercise Program

The PGA Tour has gotten too competitive to think you can go on raw talent. In fact, raw talent won’t even get you on the tour anymore. There are hundreds if not thousands of excellent golfers who dream being on tour, but don’t make that total commitment to become a golfing athlete.

This commitment is above and beyond what the earlier pga players did, but that will not cut it anymore. Todays players are athletes. All athletes condition their body’s to perform. It is time amateur golfers took notice.

Core Exercises Are Very Popular On Tour

I was watching a very good segment on the television with Vijay Singh and his trainer. It was impressive! One of the focuses his trainer said was on core exercises using a weighted medicine ball. Vijay was throwing to his trainer dozens of times from different angles strengthening not only his golf muscles, but his core, helping him be one of the longer hitters on tour.

Golf Swing Flexibility Is An Important Element

Many of the pga players know how important it is to stay limber. They all partake in flexibility exercises specific to their swing. These stretches are either done with the trainers assistance, or can be done alone, even in their hotel rooms. But either way, they all incorporate flexibility exercises to keep their golf swings fluid and tension-free.

Golf Fitness Is Here To Stay

Anyway you look at it, golf fitness is going to be an integral part of the pga players program if he wants to succeed and make a consistent living on tour.

Embrace it in your golf performance approach and you will soon reap the benefits of lower scores and the enjoyment of blasting your drives long and straight!

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