History of Golf

Golf is one of the most popular sports played today. One of the reasons is the great players, every one from Arnold Palmer to the ever-popular Tiger Woods. But have you ever wondered how golf originated? It is an interesting history, the game that is known today is said to have begun in 12th century Scotland. The Shepherds used to use stones and they would knock these stones into rabbit holes. To pay homage to where the Scots say the game started the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews was built in the same place.

But that is just one theory of how golf got its start. Others believe that the game was sketched out in Egyptian hieroglyphics dating back to the days of the Pharaohs. Others claim that that a game called Chuiwan was the first game of golf ever played, this dates back to 11th century China. Historians believe this to be true because of the meaning of the word. The word Chui means hitting and the word wan means small ball. Put that together with the hitting of the ball with a stick and they believe this was the first game of golf.

But if you ask people who study the history of the Mongols, they believe that the first golf game was played in the 12th and 13th centuries in Europe. But it was the Mongols that first played the game. Every country is going to have it’s own claim on the game but historians claim that these games were the game played by ancestors and those games are not the play of game we use today. That honor goes with the game that started back in Scotland.

History says that the first golf memberships were played in Scotland and the very first golf course was built there, this lends credibility that the game originated in Scotland. Soon the game became popular and it spread to England and soon countries all over the world were practicing their versions of the game. It is said that the oldest golf course in the world is the Musselburgh Old Links Golf Course in Scotland. It has been said that Mary, Queen of Scots played there in 1567.

Today the game is played in more countries than most sports around the world. Every year more and more people including men, women and teenagers are getting into the game. Golf has lasted this long throughout history and looks like it is here to stay.