Golf Tournament- Name Changed In Honor Of Tiger Woods!

Golf Tournament- Name Changed In Honor Of Tiger Woods!

On the 27th of January, Tiger Woods underlined his supremacy in the Buick Invitational Golf Tournament, where he triumphed by just two strokes and finished it by 15 under par. On Sunday, when the finals were held, the tournament was closely fought one with seven players sharing the leader board. Although Tiger Woods was ranked last on the leader board, he was the most favored to win on account of his total domination of the Buick Invitational as well as his PG ranking.

The leader board on Sunday had a selection of a third tier as well as upcoming golf stars. Charles Howell III was definitely the most gifted of those upcoming golf personalities. Notwithstanding the fact that the 2007 PGA Tour Earnings List ranked him No: 2 and he was the most awesome rival to throw up a challenge however more or less fizzled out, as he did not put up much of a contest what with Tiger Woods’ 7th successive win extending over 2 seasons (from 2006 end to the present) and 3rd successive Buick Invitational Golf Tournament, held at Torrey Pines.

Today, the Buick Invitational is informally known as the Tiger Woods Invitational Golf Tournament starring Buick. Bearing in mind that Tiger Woods endorses Buick, the amazing sporty impression in a fresh campaign appears to go smoothly with the brand new name of the golf tournament. Buick advertisements are at present aimed at targeting the younger generation while retaining the image of producing a car that’s quite as dependable as it was way back in the good old days.

Tiger Woods appeal in triumphing in the Buick Invitational is certainly becoming like a deferred payment scheme for his advertisement royalties. Tiger Woods campaigns for Buick, declares that the Buick car is the car he drives, and emerges victorious in each Buick Invitational Golf Tournament.

The unspoken solace for him is to be virtually gifted the Buick Invitational Golf Tournament, right through his advertising contract with the tournament-sponsored auto major. The other professional golfers ranked at the very top are simply relying on the luck factor to decide as to who will get to play in the finals on Sunday.

The Tiger Woods Invitational Golf Tournament final round saw Brandt Snedeker, who is a twenty six years old amateur, open the event with a 61, jointly tied for the top spot with Andrew Buckle, also an amateur entering the last round of the tournament. Tiger Woods ended with a (-15), Howell finished with a (-13) and Snedeker making up the top three with a (-12)

The PGA Tour run of Tiger Woods goes back to the previous year’s British Open. It is left up to the PGA Tournament God’s to speculate on how long this unchallenged run will continue. However, one thing is for sure – the Buick Invitational Golf Tournament is today informally known as the Tiger Woods Open.

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