Golf legend passes away

Spanish golfer Seve Ballesteros departed on May 8, 2011 at age 54 from brain tumor.  He was fighting cancer for three years and it was the most important battle of his life he lost, unfortunately.

Seve always said he would like to be recalled as an artist who made people happy. These are the touching words he tried to make come true, and people will remember him as one of the greatest golfers and persons ever.

Even once No. 1 golfer Tiger Woods admitted he stood in awe of him, saying he was a genius and no one could ever repeat the shots he played. Mr. Woods had three chances to see Mr. Ballesteros play and learn some moves he never knew before. He also said he couldn’t make one ball trickle into the hole, while Seve did it very easily, making Tiger watching it over and over again.

The Spanish golf legend has been interviewed exactly before his brain tumor diagnosis confessing sport has been the love of his life, a thing he was passionate for the most. Ballesteros won 5 Majors, 87 different titles, on a par with Gary Player – one of the best golfers of all time, becoming the personification of the Ryder Cup.

The golfer has been very passionate with golf from the very childhood and used to play in his courtyard as long as his mother got tired of calling him for dinner or bed for numberless quantity of time. He wasn’t allowed to play golf on his local course and run to the beach instead. He said you could use your own course using your imagination only when golf is the love of your life.

Seve Ballesteros has become the first European golfer to gain The Masters in 1980, admitting it was the best week’s golf of his career. He had many wins after this, but his biggest regret was when he couldn’t keep his word to his cancer-ill father. He failed to win the 1986 Masters, and by the time he arrived to Augusta, his father has already passed away.

The best words describing Seve Ballesteros as a person and a golfer came from the American golf player Tom Lehman “Seve was the talent, the emotion, the heart and the courage, the will to win. He encompassed the spirit of the Ryder Cup.”