Golf Equipments, Bits and Pieces

Golf Equipments, Bits and Pieces

In golf, like in any other sports, one must know fully what are the equipments used in the game. Golf equipments are somewhat complicated to use. Like in the case of the golf clubs, one must be fully aware of the angle a stroke needs or the angle a shot achieves with a hit on a ball. This business with clubs and angles are really that complex. It is little wonder why not too many people involve themselves in the game, given that the cost of investment on golf equipments would really command a fortune. A golf club alone always costs higher than 0.

There are two general types of golf clubs: wood clubs and irons clubs. Wood clubs are so called because in the early stages of the sport, these were made with wood. But since a higher technology is being applied in developing golf equipments, these golf clubs went into a transformation; wood was replaced with metal clubfaces. It is a good thing though that it has retained its name. Customarily, there are several types of wood clubs, labeled 1-10. This type of club is generally used for longer strokes through the fairway. The driver, a type of wood club, is always used for initial stroke for it will surely make the ball airborne.

Meanwhile, the other type of golf equipment is the iron club. It is primarily used in making shorter and lower strokes. As its name suggests, iron clubs are made of iron and sometimes steel. Its shaft is often plated with chrome.

If you are hunting for a golf club, you might want to check on the shaft. Feel the level of comfort one gets when using this golf equipment.  Note that a golfer can carry no more than 14 golf clubs in his bag, with a combination of his own preference. But it is best to buy a half-set of this golf equipment first.

Now let us come to the other golf equipment: the golf ball.

The ball can only have one and only one type. It is nice to know though that golf balls were once made of compacted feathers covered with leather. In the late 19th century, a ball made of a crude form of rubber, popularly known as gutta-percha was developed. Then this type was modified, making it a two-pieced ball, having a rubber core, enclosed gutta-percha. Later during the turn of century, a pitted or dimple surface for the ball was adopted to stabilize flight. These latest form of the modern golf ball has a rubber core and a covering of Surlyn, a type of plastic. All golf balls must weigh not more the 45.93 g or 1.62 oz and must have a diameter of no less than 4.27 cm or 1.68 in. Nowadays, there are manufacturers that offer highly engineered golf balls. .

Another golf equipment is the tee. A tee is a peg where the ball is placed during the initial shot. It is usually made of plastic or wood, rubber tees are also available.
The pin may unnecessarily be considered as golf equipment but it is essential to the game. Its main purpose is to mark the hole in the ground. Tied on a pole, this golf equipments job is to make the visibility of the hole easier for the golfers.
There are other golf equipments like golf shoes, golf bags, golf carts. But before buying any, it would be better to check on the web for some information about the latest or the most affordable of golf equipments. Or better yet, visit your local golf stores as to avoid shipment fees later.