Golf Equipment – Tips To Enhance Your Performance

Golf Equipment – Tips To Enhance Your Performance

In this article, we explain the mistakes people make when using their golf equipment, which many a time results in a bad shot. While it is natural for most beginners to blame their poor moves, bad shots and awkward swings in golf to lack of practice or someone distracting them, it is not many that ever think they could attribute these mis-hits to over-practice! Yes, it is quite possible to over-work your swinging arm and even mis-judge the time and effort required into making the right move and this can take you away from the goal of your best golf game, which is your ultimate aim. Thus, if you want to reach that low score you’ve set for yourself in your mind, say a year or so down the line, it is now you have to evaluate your current skill set, approach and even handling of golf equipment to eliminate the negatives, drawbacks of your form and work to improve on weak spots, whatever they be besides learning from pros and instructors on the course about caring for your golf equipment.

Always remember, the quality of your golf equipment and its appropriateness for you is what determines your play as much as your attitude and efforts in to the game.

Therefore, invest in a good quality beginner’s golf kit, including at least a half-set of golf clubs, check the type of heads, shafts and the grip afforded by the clubs and various parts and decide proper storage for these and other accessories. They should be cleaned and always ready for the next use – mint condition is best since golf clubs don’t come cheap and regular wear and tear cannot be avoided, but surely careless handling can! So, take care of your golf equipment and you’ll be on your way to becoming a better golfer.

Here are some of the things you can do to improve your golf performance by adding to the life of your golf equipment:

1. Use a set consistency of golf clubs even if they are used ones as this will help you improve your game, cost-effectively.
2. Re-grip the used golf clubs so the contact points are controlled and afford you better shots. Check for the core-grip as against your hand grip; you may want to measure the diameter of the shaft-butt, (this should ideally match the grip’s core diameter) to see if it’s regular, medium oversize or jumbo.
3. Use good material to re-grip the golf clubs only as ill-fitted clubs will hinder your performance on the green.
4. You can take the advice of an expert player or a sports store manager to determine your body type so you know which clubs to buy for best-fit and backswing efficiency.
5. You can also get custom fitted golf clubs to suit your body type; of course, these cost a little more, so are best when you’ve advanced a few levels in your skill set. These include golf clubs made according to specifications about height, swing features, strength and head (which determines speed for the golfer).

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